Skiing at Beaver Creek: Skiing, Snow, and Family Fun!


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A day of skiing at Beaver Creek usually involves powdery snow, fewer people, and a more family oriented experience with many runs that all ability types can enjoy together.  Beaver Creek has a great children’s ski school, intermediate development programs, and many fun extras for kids to enjoy on the mountain.  For more experienced skiers, there are many challenging runs with steep slopes, bumps, and several different bowls to ski.  Beaver Creek is also unique because there is direct to Bachelor Gulch and Arrowhead residential areas, and vice versa, giving skiers much more terrain and options for the day. 


Below is a brief description of the different areas, bowls, and my favorite runs onBeaver Creek Mountain. 


From Beaver Creek Village to the Top

Centennial Lift is the main lift from Beaver Creek Village.  It will take you from the bottom of the hill to the center of the mountain.  From here, you can reach any part of the Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, and Arrowhead.   

  • At the top of Centennial Lift is the largest dining restaurant on the mountain, Saddle Ridge, where you can rest and warm up.
  • From Saddle Ridge, you can ski almost anywhere on the mountain (see map).
  • My favorite runs to the bottom are: 1) Latigo, 2) Cinch to Gold Dust to Hay Meadow – a great groomed cruiser 3) Redtail – a long, fast run leading to more difficult runs.


The Summit

  • Cinch Express Lift takes you from Centennial Lift to the very top of the mountain
  • The view from the top of the mountain is gorgeous! Worth the trip!
  • My favorite runs at the top are Red Buffalo and Sheephorn that lead back to the Saddle Ridge area.


Rose Bowl

  • Rose Bowl is directly off Centennial Lift and offers many different types of runs from easy blues, to difficult, black diamond tree runs. 
  • Rose Bowl is enjoyable because it has less skiers and great snow.
  • My favorite runs here are Stone Creek Meadows and Rip Saw. 
  • Be aware that there is only one lift out of Rose Bowl, so there can be lift lines.


Birds of Prey

  • The Birds of Prey run is world renowned as one of the most difficult runs on the World Championship Ski circuit.  It is steep, icy, and very fast. 
  • The Birds of Prey Express Lift gives you access to good tree runs and some challenging bumps as well.
  • The base of the Birds of Prey lift is adjacent to the Larkspur Lift that will take you to the top of Larkspur Bowl and is an access point to Bachelor Gulch.


Grouse Mountain

  • The mountain is the most difficult area of Beaver Creek. It is mostly black diamond runs with only one blue run.
  • The runs are more open with less tress and are usually less crowded, but there are also steep and deep tree runs in Black Bear Glade.
  • At the base of Grouse Mountain, there are three lifts give you access to three different mountains.  Birds of Prey Lift takes you back up to the main mountain; Grouse Mountain Express; and Larkspur Express will bring you up to the top of Larkspur Bowl.


Larkspur Bowl

  • Larkspur Bowl is more laid back and out of the way, but has amazing long cruiser runs.
  • The main part of the bowl is open and spacious, and is a great rest break from difficult runs on Grouse Mountain. One of my favorite runs is Larkspur.
  • Offers direct access via catwalk to Bachelor Gulch.


Strawberry Park

  • Strawberry Park is a great place to warm up your skiing legs. There are cruiser runs like Bitterroot or black diamond runs like President Ford’s Run (if the President can do you, so can you!)
  • There are great views of the village of Beaver Creek and of the other parts of the ski mountain from Strawberry Park.
  • Also, you can access Bachelor Gulch and Arrowhead from Strawberry Park, via catwalks.


Elkhorn Lift

  • Takes you right into Strawberry Park with great blue and green runs. 
  • A great warm up run here is Settler’s Way, and you can reach Centennial Lift with a bit of transverse skiing.
  • Meander and Sawbuck can take you directly to the Bachelor Gulch Lift residential area.


Bachelor Gulch Mountain

  • Beautiful Ski Village – you can leave your room and walk out the door to the ski lift.  From Bachelor Gulch, you can go to any part of Beaver Creek, if you don’t mind a few long catwalks (not recommended for snowboarders as it is quite challenging).
  • Bachelor Gulch is mostly more mellow runs for a relaxed skiing experience.
  • The town of Avon is directly connected to Bachelor Gulch by the Lower Beaver Creek Mountain Express Lift.  This lift transports skiers from the parking lots to either Bachelor Gulch Mountain, or directly to the top ofStrawberry Park via the Upper Beaver Creek Mountain Express Lift. 


Arrowhead Village

  • The only lift from Arrowhead Village to the top of Arrowhead Mountain is the Arrow Bahn Express Lift.  There is direct access to and from Bachelor Gulch from the top of the Arrow Bahn.
  • Arrowhead is known for its gentle runs, long cruising runs, and tons of sun! 
  • The main run in Arrowhead is “Golden Bear” but the best feature is that it connects the community of Arrowhead with the rest of Beaver Creek so Arrowhead residents can essentially ski home from Beaver Creek.



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