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Vail Mountain: The Epic Skiing Experience!




Vail Mountain boasts three distinct areas, each with their own features and strengths including three terrain parks, seven bowls and 5,289 acres of free ride terrain.  At seven miles wide, finding fresh tracks is as easy as finding elbow room. In fact, on an average day, there are only two skiers per acres, and on a busy day, only four!  Want a good feel for the mountain terrain? Read on…..


The Front Side of Vail Mountain

  • 127 Individual Trails on over 1678 acres with 989 acres of beginner and intermediate slopes
  • Access from three points: Golden Peak via Riva Bahn Express, Vail Village via Vista Bahn Express, and Lionshead via Eagle Bahn Gondola and Born Free Express

       Access Point #1:   Golden Peak

·        The most Eastern Access Point on the front of Vail Mountain

·        Includes Golden Peak Terrain Park and Chair 11 Northeast Bowl

·        My Favorite Runs are Northwoods, Northstar, Riva Ridge, Gandy Dancer, Whippersnapper, and Snag Park


      Access Point #2:  Vail Village

·        Begins from the Vista Bahn at the top of Bridge Street.

·        Every part of the mountain is accessible from the drop off point at Mid Vail

·        Mid Vail restaurant is at the top of the lift

·        My favorite runs from Mid Vail are cruisers like Ramshorn, Berries, Pickeroon, and bump runs like Avanti and Look Ma


      Access Point #3:   Lionshead

·        The most Western Access Point on the Front side of Vail Mountain

·        Begins at the Eagle Bahn Gondola and gets you to cruisers like Simba Run, Born, and Safari

·        Access to Game Creek Bowl from the top

·        Eagle’s Nest restaurant at the top offers great atmosphere and entertainment

·        My favorite runs here are Dealer’s Choice, Ouzo, Lost Boy, and Born Free



Back Bowls of Vail Mountain




The word “epic” only begins to describe the huge powder snow this terrain receives.  Spanning across 7 miles with 7 legendary Back Bowls, last year received 38 feet of powder snow last year.  From West to East, the Back Bowls are divided into 7 areas:


Sun Down Bowl

·        Furthest West Bowl

·        Access from Top of Wildwood Express and Game Creek Express

·        Huge powder, lots of bumps, and steep and deep

·        My favorite runs are Yonder and Windows

·        Chair 5 is the only exit-beware of long lines on powder days


      Tea Cup Bowl

·        Tea Cup is a small bowl with the best powder on the mountain.

·        Access from Sun Up Lift and Tea Cup Express

·        My favorite is Emperor’s Choice


       China Bowl

·        Access from Sun Up Lift, Tea Cup Lift and Sourdough Lift

·        A huge area with gentle cruisers, long sunny runs, and “steep and deeps”

·        Two Elk restaurant is at the top of China Bowl

·        My favorite runs are Genghis Khan and Poppyfields


Siberia Bowl

·        Access from China Bowl Express, next to the China Bowl

·        Wide open slopes and long, long runs!  Incredible open views!

·        My favorite is Bolshoi Ballroom


      Inner and Outer Mongolia Bowls

·        Furthest Eastern Bowl in the Back Bowls

·        Secluded and the most untouched powder - “Champagne powder”

·        Long open slopes, and some of the best powder cruisers on the mountain

·        Caution- a long trek in and a long trek out. Give yourself extra time!



Blue Sky Basin: A True Adventure Experience




·        Opened in January of 2000 for intermediate and advanced levels of skiers

·        645 acres- wooded, challenging, more rugged

·        Virtually untouched powder!  Huge 360 degree views

·        4 high speed lifts make access speedy

·        Accessible from Sky Line Express

·        My favorite runs are Champagne Glade for a perfect powder experience, Cloud Nine for a great cruise run, and Grand Review for a top to bottom thriller  run  through the trees






Enjoy your Vail Mountain Skiing Adventure!
Diana Meehan
Diana Meehan
2111 N Frontage Road W #C1 Box #34 Vail CO 81657